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The Premium Box net has the largest enclosed volume of any style of net, providing a cool and spacious canopy that is perfect for use at base camp. The deep skirting material can be tucked under a mattress (or air bed) for extra security and protection.
Enter the net from the bottom and then once inside tuck the excess material under your mattress or sleeping bag. 
Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation provides protection for up to 2 years or 35 washes. Re-treat every 2 years with Pyramid Net Treatment.
Made with the best quality 100% polyester fabric
300 hole mesh, double the recommended WHO standard
Impregnated using Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation, using long lasting Permethrin with a unique binding agent
Heavy skirting material
Double stitching
Full hanging kit supplied with extra cord, screw in hooks and stick on pads.
Fix the net using the six hanging points to a suitable wall, ceiling or tree using the hanging kit provided. Enter the net from the bottom. Then tuck the excess skirt under your mattress, sleeping bag or groundsheet to ensure all round contact and a tight fit. When not in use store the net inside the plastic bag provided to prolong the effectiveness of the Permethrin Impregnation.

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