BoginaBag Replacement Bags (Bog in a Bag)

Product code: BOGPACK-1

Product Details

  • BoginaBag toilet bags are designed to be used for both toilet functions.
  • BoginaBag toilet bags are made of a black degradable plastic and designed to fit over the BoginaBag seat completely covering the fabric
  • Each toilet bag contains a high absorbent pad that soaks up to 700ml of liquid.
  • Each pack contains 5 individual toilet bags, which are designed to be used once.
  • Each toilet bag has two handles so once you have finished, it can be tied and safely disposed of in a standard waste bin.

BoginaBag pads contain a granular powder which is contained inside the fibrous cellulose of the pad - When it absorbs water it swells into a gel which traps the liquid. BoginaBag bags are degradable which minimises the impact on the environment. BoginaBag bags are hygienic without the need for environmentally damaging chemicals. The pad can absorb up to 700ml of urine and the leak-proof bags are designed to catch and hold both liquid and solid waste.

Technical specifications

Brand BoginaBag
Condition New
Product Code BOGPACK-1


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